With over a million streams apiece on singles “Think Of Me” and “Bedsheets”, Olivia Lunny’s 2020 EP To The Ones I Loved made undeniable waves. The Canadian artist follows up her breakthrough success with new release “Sad To See You Happy”, a bouncy cut to soundtrack 2021’s long-awaited spring. There's a relatable tale of break-up at the heart of the gloriously poppy new single, belied by percussive instrumentation that creates a warm, nostalgic feel.

“Sad To See You Happy” is the first of two singles due ahead of Lunny’s forthcoming debut album release, due late June. If you can’t wait until then for more, tune in to our Off The Road series on Instagram on 28th May to catch a live performance from Lunny.

“Sad To See You Happy” is out now. Find Olivia Lunny on Instagram.