“I have a type: players,” says Noé. “If someone is interested in me, chances are I’m not. I like the attention, but I crave it the most from those who won’t give it to me. 'Puzzles' is me putting the blame on the nice guy for being too nice. Cause obviously I’m not the one with issues.”

The track's playful theme is embodied in its enticing production, with Noé's vocals teasing along smooth funk guitars, inviting and enticing the listener to the challenge she's thrown down.

Raised between Hong Kong and the south coast of France, Noé's name might ring bells from a slick pop collaboration with Mickey Valen. Today she drops “Puzzles” as the second single off her upcoming debut EP ibynoé, set for release this spring.

“I wrote it when someone actually honest/respectful/interested in me AND emotionally available (aka a unicorn) caught my attention, but not quite,” explains Noé. “The lyrics are a series of bad advice for him to win me over like “say you’d love to see me, baby, then bring another lady to my party”. I like to think a lot of people can relate!”

“I am super proud of the music I have coming out. I know people aren’t gonna find it easy to define my sound, but I’m ok with that. I’ve struggled A LOT with who I am as an artist, resenting how 'Authenticity' became this big word I felt like I had to live up to. But I’m learning that my sound is whatever makes me feel, even if it doesn’t fit in a box. Would that be drawing from a pop/R&B/rock/wtv artist inspiring me, or recording a song live because I wrote it crying on my couch and can’t hear it any other way. Being in the moment is as true to myself as I can get.”

“Puzzles” is out today. Find Noé on Instagram.