Dawson's new track is the latest in a string of slick, addictive R&B gems, and follows the likes of HONNE-produced tune "Painkiller", "Open Your Eyes", "Still", "Searching", and "Reflection".

Juddering electronics, clicking percussion, and smooth bass wobs provide the backdrop for Dawson's flawless vocal display - once again her voice is the centrepiece, and you can't take your ears off it (especially during the chorus).

"I wrote 'Hush’ with my long term friend and collaborator Jimmy Napes, who also produced it," Dawson tells Complex. "He's been busy most of this year with Sam Smith so we’ve not worked together much recently, but we managed to get a day in the studio together a few weeks ago and came up with 'Hush' straight away. It's such a great vibe and leans on my love for R&B, especially the vocals hooks, and lyrically it's about a moment between two people, when you come together but want to keep it on the down low, and that feeling of having a secret together."

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"Hush" is out now via Method Records.