Taking influence from the emotive artistry of singers such as Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday, Joviale has refined her sound on the live circuit over the span of a year, and her hard work is paying off as she prepares to release her debut EP.

A relatively stripped back sound leads "Dreamboat", but extra layers are sprinkled in every so often, and glossy guitar tones jump in and out of prominence. The mix is very dry, and the lack of reverb gives the single a beautifully clean, clear finish that fits perfectly with the track’s silver-toned essence. The textures blossom during the bridge, when synths sparkle and vocals layer amongst the reposeful tones, honed courtesy of producer Bullion (Laura Groves, Westerman, Sampha).

During the recording of the track, Joviale compiled a scrapbook full of fabrics, fashion editorial photos and religious imagery, combining the worlds of art and music and surrounding herself with “soundscapes and treasures from different cultures,” as she describes. Her fusion of art, nature and music is her “method of weathering a crisis, because every experience is a gift whether it’s bad or good."

Speaking of the track, she warns: “a dreamboat can drown... stay awake!”

"Dreamboat" is out now via Blue Flowers, and she plays London's Laylow on 22 and 29 May. Find Joviale on Instagram.