Her debut EP from back in February was a classy fusion of future-soul and jazz but its follow up single "Ready 2 Die" showcased an even greater confidence and swagger.

She cemented her talent with an an iconic COLORS session of new cut “Dont’ Fade" which was so good (with almost 700k views to date) that it gets a proper audio release today.

"I wrote it at home when I found out I was doing COLORS and last minute laid down the vocal parts for the harmony," JGrrey tells us. "I had no real intentions of releasing it as a single but the feedback has been amazing so I felt it was only right to follow up with the track͛s."

The track neatly lifts a sample from "Somehow" by Brooklyn R&B/rap veterans Phony Ppl against a snare/kick-drum loop while JGrrey's butterfly vocal soars and dives round lines like "Do you like the colours you say you like / Or do you just feel like you gots to like them?"

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