Introducing their sound with a rippling guitar melody, “Plunge Pool’ sinks slowly into the depths of infectious layers and cold tones that emphasise the immersive track.

Whilst the vocals guide the cool tones of “Plunge Pool” into a streak of sunlight amongst the clear water, the angelic harmonies also add tension, pursuing urgency in the depths of the overwhelming plunge pool.

As the track builds up to the chorus, the guitars twang with a sound similar to Wu Lyf, touching on infectious melodies that can be blasted as loud as possible to mother nature.

The persistent percussion and boisterous bassline dwell on the feeling of being trapped, pushing the listener to burst through the surface of the water whilst the vocals tantalise with the comfort of being submerged underwater.

“Plunge Pool” is the debut track from Hot Dreams, and is available to stream below.

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