The track links up with lilting jewel "Oom Sha La La" to preview her first full-length, weaving intricate guitar lines with warm, cathartic torrents of voice and melody. It's a warming number with strength jammed between each strum, and when the chorus hits you'll be blown backwards by the sheer power - there are shades of Marika Hackman's raucous revival in play here.

"[I was] living in a house with six women at the time and attempting to pursue music as more than a bedroom act," says Heynderickx of the song. "In this, I was struggling to find confidence and purpose in it. Writing 'Worth it' was a cathartic release at the time, just allowing myself to take up space and make as much noise as I could in our basement without driving my roommates too crazy. After several weeks, this song got carved out. It has been through a lot and it means something new to me each time I hear it. (Unfortunately, it's not a Missy Elliot cover.)"


  1. No Face
  2. The Bug Collector
  3. Jo
  4. Worth It
  5. Show You A Body
  6. Untitled God Song
  7. Oom Sha La La
  8. Drinking Song
I Need To Start A Garden is out 30 March via Mama Bird.