Despite Glints’ Belgian upbringing, his rapping brings his childhood summers spent in London out in full.

“Egotism” is the perfect combination of wise words, hypnotic rhythm and synths that blend multiple genres into a unique concoction.

The glitchy beat and backing vocals create a solid base for the pop-infused synths, but as soon as Glints starts rapping, “Egotism” turns into a cocktail of compelling creation that emphasises Glints’ love for hip hop.

The independent components of the track seem far apart, but Glints manages to pull it together, captivating multiple genres in a honey pot that plays out with a sharp sound.

Weaving between electro-pop R&B and melodic melancholy, Glints distinguishes an unusual sound that is both enchanting and unique. 

“Egotism” is taken from Glints’ forthcoming EP Burgundy, out early 2017 via PIAS.