Milner's powerful voice is front and centre for "Light Of Day", skimming across frostbitten guitars and celestial production. It hits like a 10-tonne block, with unrestrained emotion howling from her lips when the pre-chorus explodes - the second the chorus erupts, you're knocked clean off your feet.

"I have little experience of life in the scheme of things," says Milner. "But in the moment I'm writing a song, I'm writing what feels like the truth to me, and I'm always hoping that feelings I portray can be made sense of by other people in their own way, even if that ends up being entirely new and different. If you like: mix and match, reorder and change my words so that you take comfort in them - that's what I intended."

The track is co-produced with swoony pop twosome Aquilo (who recently released a great song of their own) and arrives ahead of another new slice of sound produced with Jens Kuross. Both come from recording sessions in her home country and across the pond in LA.

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