AMA LOU's "Lost My Home" is her most accomplished outing to date. It showcases her flexible vocals throughout, and offers a different side of this up-and-coming songwriter's diverse talent.

"I was in New York at the time [I wrote the song], I didn’t have anywhere to stay [and] was couch surfing in between studio sessions," AMA LOU explains.

Realising that on another level this sense of detachment from the familarities of home would resonate beyond her personal experience she adds: "I also picked up on the feelings surrounding the refugee crisis and Brexit and the tension that America was feeling about the election and made it personal."

Pounding drums, tropical-flavoured synths, and ethereal flickers make for a unique combination. For AMA LOU the track is a "response to everything that was going on at the time, in politics and personally, focusing on feeling separated from your life and what you’re used to and having to learn how to firm it and keep going."

She's set to play a free hometown headline show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, London next week on 4 April. Reserve tickets now.

"Lost My Home" is out now.