Apologies for the absence of the podcast last month, we’ve no real excuse except for the fact that we were busy jetting around such foreign climbs as Spain (for Primavera), Denmark (for SPOT Festival) and….. Staffordshire (for home comforts and laundry services). For July then, we’ve made doubly sure that the selection of tracks more than make up for the lack of action in June. Kicking things off with ‘Baby Missiles’ from Philadelphia’s The War On Drugs, throughout the shows 40 minutes we touch upon the gorgeous dream pop of Still Corners, the ‘cocoa vibes’ of Gardens and Villa and the frankly bizarre Ben Butler and Mousepad. No stone is left unturned.

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The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles
Blood Diamonds – Grins
Still Corners – Cuckoo
Dirty Beaches – A Hundred Highways
Gardens and Villa – Black Hills
Lanterns on The Lake – Lungs Quicken
Dam Mantle – Not a Word
Ben Butler and Mousepad – Acid Tape

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Thanks to Emily Mules, Eric Whelan and all of the artists, labels and press agents that make this show possible. Podcast photograph via hipstamatics.com.