As the Year End List season rears it’s ugly head, we take a look at some of the best moments of the last month with a scattershot offering of what the next few weeks will hold on the new music front.

In typical form, our dearest Emily Mules guides you through stunning turns from the likes of Angel Olsen, Felt Tip, Widowspeak and the massively promising Tei Shi. Essential listening for all.

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1. Angel Olsen – “Forgiven/Forgotten”
2. La Luz - “Big Big Blood”
3. Felt Tip - “Love Or Pity”
4. Autobahn - “Seizure”
5. Shy Boys - “Is This Who You Are”
6. Cymbals - “Erosion”
7. Androgynous Mind - “Knock On My Door”
8. Tei Shi - “Nevermind The End”
9. Baby in Vain - “Seize The End”
10. Widowspeak - “Calico”