Ahead of his Saturday show on Best Fit’s stage at next weekend’s Field Day festival, the man himself has made us a mixtape celebrating his favourite sounds. From co-vocalist of the Mac Lindsey Buckingham, to an obscure cut from Soviet new-wavers НИИ Косметики, it’s a wonderfully eclectic collection that gives an insight into the musical mind of Kalevi.


Woo - “The Garden Path”
Shoes - “Do I Get So Shy”
НИИ Косметики - “Оборотень Лис”
Melting Hearts - “Babydoll”
Jaakko Eino Kalevi - “Uu Uu Uu”
Jukka Tolonen - “Island Of Blue”
Donnie & Joe Emerson - “Everybody Knows It”
Lindsey Buckingham - “Trouble”
Mark - “Dreamland”
Long-Sam - “The Merciless Unveiling Of Your Shape”

Jaakko Eino Kalevi plays the Best Fit & Shacklewell Arms stage at Field Day Festival - tickets still available here. Photograph by India Whiley-Morton.