With haunting vocoder and sweeping, cinematic synths, "Overthrown" explores Zosia's own experiences as a survivor of sexual assault, detailing her personal struggles with self-worth and shame. Like the floodgates that opened with the #MeToo movement, it's an explosive release of emotion both musically and lyrically.

"I want pop music to stop contributing to a culture that places a woman's value in the hands of her lover," Zosia explains of the release. "Allowing a man to shape our self-worth can be especially dangerous if it was a man's actions that damaged it in the first place." She adds, "As a victim myself, I have spent my life battling shame and issues of self worth. I was depressed and angry for ever other victim who has faced and will face this sort of dismissal of their pain."

"Overthrown" embraces the diversity of ways in which survivors can approach their experiences, with Zosia noting that, "We don't have to be either vulnerable or strong; vulnerability is just another form of strength." This mentality shines through in intricate detail in every aspect of "Overthrown", from its delicate opening vocals to dramatic central swell. "Some day I'll believe I'm good enough for you," sighs the closing line. If this track is anything to go by, Zosia's too good for all of us.

"Overthrown" is out 11 May.