Slowly but surely, and amidst some uncertainty, the country’s youth population are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Sweaty nights out, sticky club floors and dingy bars in lesser-trod bits of town are becoming the norm once again – and the latest release from warped Glasgow electro-punks VLURE embodies the mood.

Taken from the five-piece’s forthcoming debut EP, Show Me How To Live Again is a dizzying and anthemic cut that pays homage to the long-missed nightlife scene of their hometown.

“This is a song about hope and looking forward,” the band said of the gritty, no-nonsense track. “It’s for all of us regaining our footing when chaos, uncertainty and insecurity is all that’s become known to us over the past eighteen months. We find ourselves violently thrust back into the youthful abandon of dancehalls, gaffs, smoking areas and basement venues as if nothing had ever changed, and never will again. This is a love song for reclaiming the lost nights, and for the loved ones who helped you through them. To brighter days.”

And it isn’t just the band’s lyricism that touches on the hedonistic nights that's been missed: sonically the track is packed out with all the vehement theatricality of VLURE’s notorious live shows.

Crafting a ravenous mesh of pounding, club-ready riffs, highly-charged hooks and booming vocals, "Show Me How To Live Again" blisters with the pent-up energy of the past eighteen months. Post-punk sensibilities are held at the track’s core, yet electronic-infused rhythms bubble just slightly under the surface, threatening to erupt into full-blown floor-filler.

Having made a name for themselves on the Scottish live circuit and post-punk scene early in 2020 – incidentally just before the first lockdown hit – the sweltering sound of "Show Me How To Live Again" cements VLURE as one of the most buzzy young bands Scotland has to offer.

"Show Me How To Live Again" is available now via So Young Records. Follow VLURE on Instagram. See them live at London's Moth Club on 26 November.