Meeting at a summer camp as children, Emil and Caroline Jonsson's friendship quickly blossomed into romance and by their early twenties they were married. The pair experimented with discordant musical influences until they met their talented musical partner and producer Anders Eckeborn, solidifying the group’s glittering sound palette.

Caroline's lyrical intonations are angelic, floating effortlessly over the musical production. It’s a performance laced with sweetness as the pair's vocals intertwine, enveloping the track in a dreamy haze of adoration.

“Anders recorded a melody on his phone right after his daughter was born, the beginning of "Love, Love, Love," the band explains, ”and when we met up a couple of weeks later we finished it.”

Soft and sweet, the single is a candid portrayal of the pair’s life long bond. It’s the perfect fairy-tale ending.

“Love Love Love” is out now on Dumont Dumont. Find ViVii on Facebook and catch the trio at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 15 February.