Born Juuso Ruohonen, 23-year-old View looks set to be the next breakout success from Finland with the smooth flow of “Lace” teasing his upcoming EP which deals in detail with depression. It's a track with heft, picking up the baton of slow emotive R&B we know so well from Frank Ocean, Drake and The Weeknd and crafting it into something excitingly original and affecting.

"Lace closes the EP, “ explains View, "whilst the other songs focus on the time before the depression and the reasons that led to it. Finding yourself and your own identity also has a big role in the song, and in a way it’s a story about surviving. "

Finland continues to impress us with its recent bursts in musical creativity. In the last two years we’ve seen incredible sounds from the likes of Phantom, Mirel Wagner, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Noah Kin (who collaborates with View on "Spill") and our personal favourites LCMDF, who also make an appearance on “Lace”. Working with the Finnish electropop sisters came about because, as View details, "we still felt like something was missing...then we met LCMDF’s Emma Kemppainen and got inspired to work together. Our music styles are very different, which made it possible to explore and break boundaries to create a different and unexpected song."

"The chorus came quite naturally to this one,” adds Kemppainen. “It was obvious minutes after I heard the track. You know the feeling when you're sad, but you don't really have time to be sad. You just have to wait it out, that's what the song is about.”

Lace is taken from View’s forthcoming EP, released on 2 October.