"Bottoms Up" is all a big metaphor for the drug that is love. Having written the track a year or so ago after a particularly messy break-up, Carlbom adds that it was the kind of relationship "when you are with someone that you know isn’t good for you, but you can’t breathe without them." So that process of breaking up is harder that ever.

Influenced by trap and RnB beats, Carlbom weaves these between her standout pop melodies. While "Bottoms Up" isn't revoluntionary, but it's a bold and brash statement from an artist who wants to shifts perceptions from a still male dominated industry and push herself and her art.

Being part of the whole process means a lot to Carlbom as she explains "it feels fucking great to be the producer of my own track, because there are currently not a lot of female producers that are being acknowledged. I like being in the front seat. I like being able to create and produce my own ideas, and being a part of the production process feels important and empowering for my vision as an artist. This song is special to me because I’ve written with my emotions and every line in the song means something to me.”

For the music video Carlbom "wanted to combine hanging out with friends and just trying to have FUN with being really down because someone you love is mad at you. I think we all can relate to the feeling when your friends say "don’t think about it’:but you just can’t let it go.” Shooting it with her friends definitely helped develop an emotional depth as they, more than anyone, understand the emotional significance of the track's lyrics.

"Bottoms Up" is out tomorrow.