The story of Thunder Jackson sounds like fate, like it was written in the stars - an inevitable (but chance) meeting in a taxi was the start of this duo's music making journey. Releasing their debut single "Guilty Party" last year, asking "what exactly is a Thunder Jackson?" today they return with the follow up, an equally evocative and effervescent track, this is "Colours".

On the new track the pair are quick to quote Fernand Léger explaining in his words that, “man needs colour to live; it's just as necessary an element as fire and water.” They add that "Colours" is about reflecting and accepting the transitionary nature of our experiences, explaining "moments of transcendence can be fleeting, full of shadows and shade, truths, and non truths. Forget to dream and day to day life can seem muted. Stay limitless. Stay neon."

"Colours" is out now.