Azier describes "Gold" as “no-compromise pop", with its piano-led verse bursting into euphoric choruses. Despite this big pop sound he's adamant - "I’m still myself." Following "Winners", "Gold" is the latest single taken from Azier's recently announced sophomore album Rouge.

Documenting the highs and lows of a relationship, the contrasting portions of the lyrics are complemented by the track's more relaxed production (on the verses) and the joyous rush which comes once the first chorus hits. "'Gold' is about the moment I realized what I was running after, was not what really mattered," explains Azier and of the album, which sees him a move in a different direction. "I decided to break my patterns, whether it was living in the same city, writing the same songs or using the same sounds. When I know the next step, I feel it is time for change."

"Gold" is out now.