In a similar vein to its namesake, “Coasting” travels like a sturdy car left in fourth gear drifting down a long, warm road. With the frank songwriting voice of Young and Springsteen and lofty instrumentation of Deerhunter and War On Drugs, it’s a grander and more consuming sound than the more forthright pop found on their debut Hit The Light, and alludes to bigger intentions from the group.

Ten Fé describe the song as a “celebration of new love”. They explain: “It’s a simple statement - ‘when I’m with you, I don’t need anything or anyone else. This feels easy, it feels like a fresh start: 'I’m coasting'. Musically we kept it really simple too to reflect the sentiment. We wanted it to feel rootsy like The E Street Band and CCR and also channel a Britpop directness”.

The band have announced their new album Future Perfect, Present Tense is to be released on 8 March, produced by Luke Smith (Foals, Petite Noir, Anna of the North), and this new offering is another promising sign of what’s to come. The anticipated sophomore record took ten months to make and follows the band from a winter in Oslo to a summer in London. Expectedly, their music traverses places and moods in an intellectual manner.

“Coasting” is out now via Some Kinda Love/PIAS and Future Perfect, Present Tense is available to pre-order. Find Ten Fé on Facebook and get tickets for their upcoming UK tour dates in April and May on their website.