The 17-year-old Liverpudlian singer/songwriter says off her latest jam: "’Sweet Waste of Time’ is about that someone you put your all into, and get nothing back. It’s a message to girls who are in the same situation I was in; letting them know it’s okay to give up on someone if by trying to fix them you’re losing part of yourself; no one is worth that!”

Tayá's decadent vocals float through the track with swagger, twisting around crystalline beats and lunging into heady highs - there's a flicker of the pristine R&B-pop of the early '00s in this gorgeous outing. Reid's touch is clearly felt, with slick synths and thumping bass never in short supply, but with Disney strings and funky stabs that recall Dr. Dre, this is clearly something totally Tayá.

Stream "Sweet Waste Of Time" below.