It's a year-and-a-half since Sylvie debuted with stunning introductory single "Peroxide Heart", a track that set the tone for this exciting new artist. Though its been quite a wait, follow-up "Grey Hour" certainly doesn't disappoint. "Peroxide Heart" boasted an undeniably flawless vocal, but its intricate production occasionally pulled attention from the track's central voice. On "Grey Hour", however, Sylvie's clarity of expression is second to none, her lyrics never obscured by the frenetic beats of the new cut's dizzying chorus. The progression in performance between the two makes it all the more easy to forgive Sylvie for her time away. "Grey Hour" sees Sylvie taking control of the monochromatic soundscape she's created; proving just how much can be achieved when a songwriter and producer devotes particular attention to the texture and contrast in their work.

Of the track, Sylvie explains that she wanted to tell a story not just through the lyrics, but also through the arrangement itself: "It's all about addiction and self destruction, whether it's drugs or unhealthy relationships. The final chorus dropping to just vocals and a slightly out-of-tune piano represents that come-down feeling you get after those long nights. I started writing it at the piano, after a period of doing all that unhealthy stuff on repeat, so it felt right to end it there too. The rest is open to interpretation!"

The closing chorus that Sylvie mentions is one of the song's most powerful moments, proving that production wizardry isn't always what's needed to elevate a good song to greatness. "Grey Hour"'s final chords are guaranteed to be ringing in your mind far after the song is over.

"Grey Hour" is out now.