“My past is such a dump, a landfill of events” is the unfiltered remark by the London six-piece's founding vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Ed Seed on the often banal drudgery of daily living. Not that that is Seed’s 24/7 itinerary (his day job included being a touring musician for Dua Lipa and La Roux), but with the wizened worldview that comes with being a new parent, the rapid-fire assimilation of “Lose It” touches upon the whirlwind of expectation that each of us carries as people. With the accumulation of memories, physical possessions and more data than ever before, comes the temptation to go off-the-grid, for some. This inner crave to vanish is packaged in a contrastingly upbeat track, with plucky percussion, grooving bass and lush synth.

"Life as story, as routine, as objects, as obligations - it piles up like laundry or landfill, sometimes it's all just there to be lost,” Seed continues. “Do you fear loss or crave it? Are you a pusher or a jumper? Disappearance is seductive. Do you pony up for another gig in the cloud or do you just want to throw it all away? And how would you be sure it was really gone - where does it all go?”

“I love this song because it feels both heavy and flyaway at the same time,” Seed says. “I cut and pasted it together from bits of a long live jam - it took about half an hour to assemble, one Sunday morning while my baby was napping. When he woke up I took him to the supermarket and on the way home I just started singing the tune - it came out exactly as it is, words and all. Later in the evening I whispered a first go at the vocal into my phone in the kitchen after he’d gone to bed."

Taken from the band’s forthcoming album Other People’s Lives, their new effort marks a transition from their prior musings on office employment to reflecting on the things that make life worth living. “This album is about recognising that my life story is full of holes. Other people’s lives are presented to me as coherent, relatable stories, full of passion and travel and wonder - but my own story makes no sense: it is full of contradictions and formless subplots, and I barely feel like the same actor from one day to the next, let alone find much meaning in it. I find meaning instead when I lose my Self, in the moments it dissolves into unity with those other people."

“Lose It” is out now, and Other People’s Lives is released 15 February and available to pre-order now via Memphis Industries. Find Stats on Facebook. Stats play a handful of UK dates including 16 February at Rough Trade East and 17 April at Bermondsey Social Club.