The London musician has been steadily releasing her brand of sultry dark-pop over the past couple of years, building fans and winning over tastemakers. This latest cut is Sølv at her most sensual as she weaves her dulcet vocal around echoed basslines creating a cinematic, enveloping track.

Speaking on the single, Sølv notes: “‘Bittersweet’ is a reflective look on how personal demons can creep into a relationship. It’s the friction caused by each other’s own struggles, and the dilemma in knowing that the other person is struggling in exactly the same way, but even though you’re coexisting in complete synergy, it doesn’t change the distance created.”

Her musical influences growing up were varied, from INXS to Avril Lavigne, and her production craft is all completely self-taught. She cites Bowie and Roxy Music as the reason for her experimental nature whilst more conventional pop artists have shaped her sound.

“Bittersweet” evokes thoughts of contemporary artists such as Banks, yet her vocal could easily be lifted from a classic Massive Attack LP. With a strong sense of style, one glance at Sølv’s Instagram and it's clear this artist's aesthetic is as relevant as her musical output. It’s aspirational and engaging, in the way Lana intrigues legions of loyal followers. The UK may have found its next pop obsession.

“Bittersweet” is out now. Find Sølv on Facebook.