Yes, the still enigmatic Bay Area group took time to hone their sound, but the follow ups have come with both increasing consistency and regularity.

Their latest offering is the third in a sudden, and wholly welcome, string of quick releases, following “Waiting Room” and “High Beam”, which both appeared earlier this month after silence since January.

It feels like they’re properly up and running, and with “Stubborn Forces”, Sjowgren are showcasing their most potent pop work to date. Its pacey, hypnotic, rock 'n' roll guitar riff drives the track along, while hand claps and a foot-stomping rhythm lead us to what is quickly becoming their thing; a beautifully elegant-yet-empowering earworm chorus that begs to be returned to.

Perhaps soon we’ll know more about this lot, but for now we’re more than happy to let the music do the talking; stubborn forces of indie pop nature indeed.

"Stubborn Forces" is out now.