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shiv explores the madness of love on jazz-infused "Where You Are"

17 September 2021, 12:05 | Written by Cailean Coffey

Layered with the texture of bedroom R&B and blues-inspired instrumentation, Irish-Zimbabwean songwriter/vocalist shiv leaves everything unsaid as she introduces her latest single “Where You Are”, the first release from her upcoming EP The Love Interlude.

shiv first entered Ireland’s R&B arena in 2019 with the release of her luscious self-released debut single “Here”. Since then, she has risen to become one of the country’s most captivating voices, only cemented by last year's release of her reflective debut EP Me 2 Me.

With a sense of ease and calm throughout her vocal performances, as well as her already varied discography, she highlights her powers as an artist; and her upcoming EP is set to showcase her ability even more. Written with producer and sax player Adrien Soleiman following a move to Paris, the four-track audio-visual project delves into the sense of unease and uncertainty that comes with growing up, as well as examining shiv’s journey to finding love.

"For so long, I believed in the idealised version of love that has been sold to all of us for so long. I thought that if someone didn’t match every single aspect of your hopes and dreams, then it couldn’t be love, because love is meant to be perfect, right?"

"The truth is, for love to be love, it has to involve a journey which is sometimes difficult and, very often, not even slightly perfect-adjacent. Love can be lonely, love can stir up rage and unresolved insecurities, love can make you doubt and question yourself. All of that is worth it for those moments of pure, unadulterated bliss that a companion and best friend can provide."

“Where You Are” and its accompanying video represent the spring segment of the project. The track's production flourishes with a brilliantly lush closing saxophone segment, mirroring that sense of rejuvenation and rebirth that comes with nature's awakening.

""Where You Are" is a song that explores the often chaotic journey of love... It's the imperfection that makes love fulfilling, it’s in learning and growing that you find happiness that is gratifying because of the time you have spent nurturing it."

“It is a time of rebirth, hope, and new beginnings following the taxing and draining experience brought on by the cold and lonely winter months,” shiv continues, “To quote the track, "It's the hard work that makes it all worth it. In being open and vulnerable, and being patient with each other, embracing each other’s shortcomings and allowing yourself to be seen, you find something that is pure and unadulterated, if not sometimes a little turbulent. Spring opens up a fresh perspective and makes way for a new path to be tread with fresh eyes and a wealth of experience and wisdom.”

Unafraid of letting things go and tired of holding things in, shiv is an artist negotiating the world by her own rules and terms. The Love Interlude is another step of a much more important journey as she continues to climb to greater heights.

"Where You Are" is out now, with the upcoming EP The Love Interlude set for release on 8 October. Find shiv on Instagram.
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