New single "Gracious" is a disarming display of her knack for combining peculiar arrangements with soothing melody that has us in mind of artists as dear to our heart as Julia Holter, Jenny Hval and JFDR; the places where electronic otherworldliness and earthly humanity meet.

Only her second single, it comes ahead of the announcement of her first headline dates, taking place later in the year. We're a bit spellbound by what we've heard to be honest, and will be keeping a keen eye out for more, but for now, here's what Sasha herself had to say of the song:

"I wrote "Gracious" when I wasn't feeling the most confident in my own music and I was comparing myself to other artists who were successful. I wondered how they seemed so calm and collected in all the chaos and stress of being a musician. Of course, then you meet these people and realise no one really knows what they are doing! The lyrics came really naturally to me, kind of like a stream of consciousness, and I ended up finishing the song in about two hours. The most personal and relevant are always the easiest for me to write."

Listen to "Gracious" below: