Now, after two albums of reliably romantic show-stopping love songs, Sarah Klang's new single “Canyon” takes the Gothenburg artist into new territory. With its galloping momentum and cascading guitar lines, “Canyon” is a brisk and sharp new direction for her sound, her usual country rock given fresh energy and life.

Klang herself sounds revitalised by the change - she’s a long way away from her ballads here, and as the song speeds along she grows as a presence, starting off soft and ending exuberant with the line “You can’t keep a bad girl down”: her manifesto for leaving her past relationships behind her.

Klang says: “There were quite a lot of people writing me after my two latest albums, telling stories about being heartbroken and listening to my music, feeling sad. They wondered ‘when do I let go of this feeling, when does it end’? In those particular cases I could never know, of course, but I wanted to put down in a lyric how I felt one morning when I woke up and suddenly time had passed, and I felt free. It’s about getting your own self back.”

"Canyon" is out now via Pangur Records. Find Sarah Klang on Instagram.