Featured as his SCORCHER album opener, Clarke opens his debut record with a slick accapella harmony, pulsating with a breezy synth in the background before it plunges into a hypnotic pool of vibrant funk and dreamy electro-pop.

Teaming his bright instrumentals with expansive vocals and layered harmonies, "Someday" projects its own soulful aura as Clarke reaches the high notes during his falsetto chorus.

Clarke's self-produced new single weaves through sonic landscapes with ease, merging compelling snippets from funk, soul, pop, and electronica to produce a palpable track that oozes with positivity and heat, and sees Clarke urge his subject to not waste time in life.

Speaking about the new single, Clarke offers, "At the time I wrote "Someday", I had just started digging into Kimbra’s record "The Golden Echo". The pop elements along with the massive vocal arrangements of that album are the inspiration for the music in this tune. I had also just begun to notice the darkening circles under my eyes, and the lowering of my threshold for change, hence the lyrics."

"Someday" is taken from Roman Clarke's SCORCHER album, which is out now via Birthday Cake. Roman Clarke plays The Garage in London on 8 May. Find out more.