"Won't Forget Just" is a comforting ballad that presents a softer side to the multi-talented artist, and follows on from April's vibrant EP title-track "notice me".

Artson's new single commences with pleasant birdsong over an enchanting, fairytale-like keys melody, which is further enhanced by the warm acoustic riff that plucks delicately against the singing birds.

The LA-based artist approaches the single with his signature falsetto vocals, singing softly in a warped tone over the sparse guitar melody. Artson sings about "feeling like I'm at home", provoking the percussion to embark on its intricate journey through the woozy world of Artson's new ballad.

While "Won't Forget Just" features sparse instrumentation in parts, Artson makes up for it with small bursts of electronica that jump out of the track, adding another dimension to the song before Artson plunges into a verse where he's backed by childlike vocals, which add a sentimental tone to the song that reflects on feeling at home.

Raven Artson says the single is an "ode to feeling like I belong, like I'm at home", adding, "When I moved to Amsterdam four years ago, I struck up new relationships that changed my view on the world. A similar thing happened with my recent move to Los Angeles. I had to be uncomfortable in order to be comfortable."

On working with producer Mucky (Sevdaliza) and mixer Chris Coady (Beach House), Artson adds, "It was crazy and unexpected that two of my favourite producers were into my music and jumped on board. Their input allowed me to colour outside the lines and helped me grow both as an artist and a person."

"Won't Forget Just" is out now. Raven Artson's notice me EP is also out now on Rosed Out Records.