London duo, Rainer, aired their smart, incisive new tune ‘Girls‘ earlier this month; vocalist Rebekah Raa laying into self-image and the pursuit of perfection via producer Casually Here’s sleek and dreamy future-pop melody.

Now the pair have dropped ‘Money’, the other track off their forthcoming debut release on the brilliant ASL Records. Their late night bonding sessions over hip-hop YouTube clips infiltrate the arrangement once again with shuffling breaks and Rebekah’s sweary intonations rolling over atmospheric pianos and heady looped harmonies. Imbued with another potent message – doing menial work to buy the freedom to do something you love - ’Money’ strikes a perfect chord, full of both icy grooves and sharp social critique.

AA-side ‘Money’/ ‘Girls’ is out via ASL Records on 9 September.