Starting today, Juno and the all-female Oslo collective and label KOSO will be releasing a new remix of one of the Frisson tracks every Friday for six weeks, and first out of the blocks is PURPURRPURPLE.

The DJ and producer runs the club 3000 Textures in the Norwegian capital alongside Ida Dillan, who will also be dropping a remix a week further down the line. It's yet another example of the brilliant work KOSO and all the artists connected to the collective do on a regular basis, making Oslo a thriving hub for female artists and producers.

As for the PURPURRPURPLE remix of "Fløyel", she takes Pieces of Juno's original and turns it into a militaristic stomp, with enough of a glitch and a twist in the beats to place it firmly in the footwork genre. If this is the quality we can expect for the next six week, then we'll be more than spoiled for choice.

Listen to PURPURRPURPLE's version of "Fløyel" below, and Juno's original as part of the Frisson EP stream.

Photo courtesy of Sara Angelica Spilling.