Bushwick, New York’s Purmamarca showcase warm, lo-fi psych with “Spring”, taken from their recent long player Summer Air // Night.

If being named after a small village in Argentina next to a seven coloured mountain conjures images of breathless beauty, dewy mornings and hazy afternoons, then Purmamarca don’t disappoint. Their first collection of songs show that they have an uncanny knack for writing melodies that creep in and take up residence inside you mind.

Taken from the first collection of songs is “Spring”. It opens with acoustic lines that weave in and out, demonstrating a blurry collage of indie and psych. The almost Kurt Vile-like vocal winds wistfully around everything, all echoey and warm, as guitars and vocal harmonies take turns to delicately embellish the track. And suddenly, it’s gone.

Must be a lovely place, Purmamarca.

Get hold of Summer Air // Night, here.