The Edmonton-born singer has spent much of the last 10 years dividing her time between Montreal and Buenos Airies as a performer, DJ and radio host. She also served time as a member of Montreal’s Karneef, and was also the second vocalist in Mozart’s Sister. However, late last year was the first time that Foster released music under her own name. The EP, Saudade blends influences from her travels with elements of cumbia and reggaeton brushing up against early 90s soul and house. The EP also saw Foster collaborate with Stephen Ramsay of Young Galaxy, who handled production duties.  As Foster observed in a recent interview with Beatroute, “We both make sad dance music, kind of, so it was a perfect fit”. The fit is so perfect in fact that Foster will be opening for Ramsay and Young Galaxy in Montreal on 18 February. 

The session was recorded and Mastered by LANDR.