If you close your eyes, “Floating in a Vacuum” makes you feel like you're gazing far beyond the planetarium dome and into space itself. It’s a kind of heavenly body with a twinkling sense of wonderment and uncanny vocals that sound at once familiar, yet distinctly alien.

Plastic Mermaids step bravely into space-rock territory when many bands are afraid of venturing off the beaten path. Bravery of this kind: to do what you love and have fun doing it, shouldn’t go unrewarded.

A Plastic Mermaids video would have to have spacemen on skateboards – and of course, aliens firing off streamers. The band said the concept for the “Floating in a Vacuum” music video was founded on “how it might be to float into space away from earth's troubles.”

The line "Every time that we fall it hurts even longer" rang true each time band members Doug and Jamie came off their skateboards at 20mph: “flaming asteroids being flung into your face protected by a £2 amazon space helmet; and nitrogen powered streamers being fired at you point blank (not always on purpose),” say the band. Oh, and in true Plastic Mermaid spirit, they nearly burnt through that street light power cable.

“Floating in a Vacuum” is out today and Suddenly Everyone Explodes is available to pre-order through Sunday Best. Find Plastic Mermaids on Facebook.