Perhaps Pinkshinyultrablast's disdain towards their local indie music scene and fierce appetite to create music that would be, to quote the band, "radically different", is what makes their current release "Umi" so  striking. Pinkshinyultrablast manage to straddle the increasingly difficulting line between showing great loyalty to their influences whilst owning a sound that is completely modern, and completely their own. 

Whilst the video for "Umi" almost reads as a masterclass in How To Create A Shoegaze Video at times, this isn't a detriment to the dreamy, stunning instrumentation that forms the backbone of the release. The video is a flutter of hazy, acid-tinged colour that both flows and interchanges whilst remaining with an air of static; an unmoving strength amongst the floating rhythms. 

Despite the often-lauded idea that shoegaze bands strive on a laid-back and low key sound, there is no apathetic or passive element to "Umi". Instead, Pinkshinyultrablast brim with a passion for the exploration of space and weight within their sound whilst retaining an enthusiasm and youth that is a constant, stirring undercurrent.

Speaking about the video, the band said: "The video for "Umi" was shot in California, London and St. Petersburg and then kind of assembled together piece by piece. Being the first song we made from the album, "Umi" shaped the feeling of it in a way. It's strange how the song just took form during one of our practices, having evolved very naturally and with ease. It's pretty lighthearted."