OTR is a producer who has made a few interesting life choices when it comes to his career. Starting out as an aerospace engineer (as you do), music gradually began to become more than a pasttime and eventually became an obsession. After finding himself completely alone on an internship in Kurashiki, Japan, he returned home to pursue his passion fulltime.

"Close" is a song that still shows traces of his past, where every beat is perfectly measured and every added melody is mathematically placed with absolute accuracy to ensure maximum impact. Like an equation that must be solved, it's as though OTR has found the perfect formula to find the answer.

Kai Straw's input on the track was undoubtedly a good choice. His smokey vocals entice while the background beats are full of calm and hold a soothing energy - something like a match made in heaven.

Explaining the creation of the track, OTR makes it seem so easy, saying "The chords were what drove me to write the instrumental because they’re chill and vibey and have a story in themselves, sort of like a jazzy chaos of tension. The added pauses created the tension that build and Kai's vocals added a great tone and energy that harnessed that rumbling energy."

"Close" featuring Kai Straw is available to listen to on Spotify now.