Sitting somewhere between the cartoonish cadences of Young Thug and Playboi Carti, sailing over a glittering neo-soul backdrop Tom Misch would be proud of, the lead single from his upcoming project somehow it makes sense (SIMS) is a deep dive into the frailties of growing up in South London.

Giving his audience an honest introduction to his childhood, it comes paired with a hypnotic Henry Croston-directed video. The clip centres on an introspective oogie peering out of a tied-up hoodie as he chills in the park lays on the basketball court and pines in his bedroom whilst the world continues to play on around him.

Conveying a deep sense of vulnerability, his openness is endearing and acts as a captivating forward look to the upcoming project. The feeling of conflict is evident as he sings in the chorus that he frankly cannot try any longer.

A self-professed ‘social loner’ oogie has spent the last year meticulously crafting SIMS, a 13-track collection that explores themes of struggle, anxiety, self-love and relationships. The project sees him bring in collaborators BINA, Birmingham’s Franklin Armstrong and Brighton-based Sly Fieri in telling the intricate tale of his journey so far.

Grappling with his past and present, anchored by his eclectic vocal style, "try" is a curiously captivating teaser for what’s coming up next from the exciting young artist.

"try" is out now, SIMS is out 30 April. Find oogie on Instagram.