Blissfully laid back, "Ocean" is a stagnant dream. Four minutes of bubbling refrains and rippling rhythms that prove effortlessly lingering. Sweltering guitars radiate with a relaxing heat that leaves the track echoing under the listener's skin. 

The video sees Olivier Helm in an environment as rich and luscious as the music he creates. Floating, boating, and dancing amidst statuesque characters, the visuals are as captivating as the track itself. 

"When I start writing a new record, I look for a sound that inspires me,” Olivier says of A Different Life. “I wanted to come up with a sound that fitted the mood of the record first. Once I found this sound, the songs came quite smoothly out of it.”

A Different Life is released via OH Recordings on 4 December.

Sail away with "Ocean" below.