Having spent her summer driving around the UK in a big yellow van with her name on it, playing socially distanced shows, Olivia Dean is home for the winter and ready to release her second EP. Channelling her endearing personality into more hyper-relatable neo-soul offerings seems to be so effortless for Dean now.

The follow-up to 2019's Ok Love You Bye, Sundays "is a collection of songs that document the journey of a breakup," Dean explains. "There’s a sad and longing one, the upbeat heartbreak one, the confused and indecisive one and a confrontational, angry one. I wanted to cover all bases."

"Echo" is the so-called confrontational and angry one and it sees Dean searching for reciprocation and someone be there, right by her side. Dean says it's about "the times you need an ear and support for a problem, no matter how big or small. It could be a situation with a partner, friend or family member where you don’t need a solution, you just need back up, someone to amplify you."

Dean's heartfelt songwriting is more arresting than ever. Paired with the track's smooth and perfectly orchestrated production Dean's sound glides gracefully into timeless classic territory. With Felix Joseph (Jorja Smith, AJ Tracey, Mahalia) behind the wheel, this EP further cements the singer/songwriter's growth.

Trading in the live shows from the van in the new year, Dean is set to make a headline appearance at London's Jazz Cafe on 13 April 2021.

"Echo" is out now, What Am I Gonna Do On Sundays? is out on 4 December. Watch our Off The Road conversation with Olivia Dean.