“Blue Skies” is another intoxicating jam from the Maryland artist that conjures up images of a far-off paradise - it seems to call to Nafets as he sings of the river and the palm trees whispering and the blue skies that wait for him. Nafets appears to pay tribute to his Trinidadian heritage, making reference to his dual nationality by "grabbing my two passports", yet he longs for some kind of stability away from the different planes and spaces that he keeps finding himself waking up in. 

It’s another track where Nafets demonstrates his unique ability to talk about personal experiences and bring in some familial warmness. In pairing this strength against a backdrop of spellbinding beats and boundlessly interesting production he is able to create a superbly catchy track that will have you pining for warmer, sunnier climes. 

"Blue Skies" is out now via 10K Islands.