Scandinavia has provided fertile ground for electro-pop over recent decades, and MOYKA looks set to follow in the footsteps of her forebears with the dizzying dancefloor delights of her first single. Opening with broad, yearning tones that swiftly give way to glimmering, Röyksopp-esque electronics, "Colder" is a balletic introduction to the 21-year-old's unambiguous songwriting and production styles. She describes the carefully constructed atmosphere as "[her] own, mystical, synth-driven universe" – a statement of intent solidified by an ability to create immersive, expansive, experiential pop.

"That feeling comes in waves," MOYKA explains of the track's inspiration. "When you are in that ditch – where it feels like you can’t do anything right – you go through a lot of pain. When I say, 'I love when it hurts,' I mean, I love that it’s not in vain. The relationship is over, but going through the pain leads to some kind of transformation."

"Colder" is out now via MADE Records.