Tracking through snow-capped frontiers with icily melodic '80s synth nods coalescing throughout, Misty Mtn couple sublime seasonal ambience with universally resonant truths that burrow beneath a seamless facade.

The duo's combined vocal intensity intricately wraps around such tectonics in a liminal sonic gradience that feels at once ineffably nostalgic yet undeniably fresh in its vivid immediacy.

Devoted in their aptitude for mood-melding poignance throughout a budding three-year recording career, the duo, comprising Mo Trunzo and Lucas Segall, build upon the assuredly expressive songwriting galvanised on debut EP Missed Your Call. Embracing surroundings and heritage with a greater profundity on their latest cut, Misty Mtn’s renewed conceptual drive is one that can be traced to the band’s relocation, following spells in LA and Brooklyn, to Trunzo’s native Montana during the initial phase of the pandemic.

The outfit touch upon the role of origins in shaping the track’s subtext: “‘These Lights’ is that moment of beyond your better judgment going to your childhood home that’s no longer yours, looking up your ex on Instagram, seeing who got the job over you - allowing yourself to get lost in the memories but dance among the pain.”

“We’ve been doing some field recordings up here in Montana,” they share in relation to their Pacific Northwest base. “If you listen closely you can hear us walking around in the snow. Stuff like that really helps start a unique atmosphere that can inform the rest of the production. We also wanted to bring in elements of the holiday genre without pinning ourselves into the corner of calling this a ‘holiday song’”.

"These Lights" is out now. Find Misty Mtn on Instagram.