Leaning heavily on retro disco influences, Medrano's earworm melodies bolster a revealing lyric that tackle a queer experience often silenced in the name of respectability: getting drunk and getting it on with a many-gendered selection of partners. "Sometimes you just wanna kiss a hottie on the dance floor and it doesn't matter if they're a boy, girl, or anything in between; and that's okay," the singer assures listeners. In an age where queer identity is becoming mainstream, but is regularly sanitised in the process, such a message couldn't be more important.

Of course, no matter how admirable their message, lyrics alone do not a stand-out single make. Thankfully, Zak Leever's nostalgia-saturated production choices and Medrano's brisk, danceable instrumentation effortlessly elevate "Fluids" to a level that will have you hitting repeat time and time again. Whether you're a queer person looking to dance to a track about someone like you, or just a connoisseur of the best new pop, "Fluids" will help you see off your summer in sexy, unself-conscious style.

"Fluids" is out 29 August.