Mia Milla's honeyed, crystalline vocals move seamlessly from soft and dreamy to powerful and emotive, floating gracefully atop a combination of plucky guitar tones and alluring instrumentation. The airy atmosphere of the verses drift away to allow the ballad-like choruses to blossom, dramatically petering out and bringing a close to the little world she had built.

“Little Red House” was brought to life when the half-Swedish artist found inspiration from her family's own little red cottage in the forests of Sweden. Reflecting on the track, Milla explains; "I wrote the track a really long time ago in my teens and the inspiration behind it was imagining someone being trapped in a house on their own with a sort of love/hate relationship with being trapped, but also feeling safe from the outside world. The 'Little Red House' is her haven but also her nemesis. It's almost as if the character can feel others' pain from the world."

The release is accompanied by a video that's full of crystal clear seaside town imagery, art deco architecture and visually pleasing tones. "It's quite cool to imagine that the character is having a dream," Mia says when discussing the video. "It's like the character is dreaming about being outside of her 'Little Red House' in a bright place with a colourful suit... which is so far from what her reality is.”

“Little Red House” is out today. Find Mia Milla on Instagram.