Having parted ways with their band Spring King after over half a decade, Peter Darlington and James Green are back with new project Meadow Meadow to deliver some much-needed shine on a monotonous quarantine. A serene and refreshingly naturalistic debut, “Bonzo” coaxes out a whole reel of glistening riverside memories, restoratively reminding listeners of the exclusive kind of tranquillity that only the outdoors can bring.

“’Bonzo’ was the first song we wrote together that we felt captured the direction of where we wanted to go creatively,” Darlington recalls. “It’s about an experience I had riding a bus in the evening to my old hometown that I hadn’t visited for a few years. The journey evoked a slightly surreal nostalgia and I began piecing together some forgotten experiences and memories from my childhood.”

Leaving time to heal from the band’s break up, the duo wrote remotely between London and Manchester, allowing them to tap into that raw emotion which can sometimes be hard to express on demand in front of others. Taking inspiration from time spent growing up in towns enclosed by forests, lakes and reservoirs, the duo packed the track with blissful, get-up-and-go sunny overtones that make the new single feel all the more part of a healing transition.

“Memory is strange,” Meadow Meadow continue. “It connects seemingly disparate experiences together to form a storyline that you then carry with you.” Add deeply distorted vocals laced with dreamy and pensive cords, and “Bonzo” sends its audience traversing further through that calming reel of nostalgia.

"Bonzo" is available now. Follow Meadow Meadow on Facebook.