Maude Latour has been busy. Last year the rising pop star released her debut EP Starsick, a six-track collection packed with infectious singalong-ready hooks and reflective, self-aware moments like "Lovesick" and of the project's monumental title track. Still studying at Columbia University, she's back with her first new music of 2020 and "Furniture" harnesses the promise of her first releases and catapults Latour's sound skywards.

"I wanna sing until I drown" Latour laments on the pre-chorus of the new track, dramatising her way through the rollercoaster of feelings you may experience when you're not-quite-ready to your ex so soon, she explains, "I wrote this song completely for myself."

"It's my favourite song in the world, and I used it to get through my break up. It was my little secret, I'd play it from the private Soundcloud link when I needed it. That's what's music for, for me. Truly to exist, to get through the day." Using her own music as an escape Latour explains that "[this song] was my immunity to getting hurt, it was my hurt, my return to rockstar-dom confidence despite my crushing heart pain."

A crutch for herself, "Furniture"'s metaphorical melting is sure to spark memories of those too hot to handle moments when you wish the world would swallow you up and become a helpful addition to Getting Over You playlists everywhere. Latour's gift for translating her very real struggles into evocative pop music is a gift that keeps on giving.

"Furniture" is out now. Follow Maude Latour on Instagram.