Following on from 2019’s debut EP If That Makes Sense, Matilda Mann is back with an acoustic new cut laced in effortless vocal layering and soft guitar plucks, bringing her tender songwriting to the forefront.

The acoustic guitar acts as the cardinal component to the lullaby-like feel of “As It Is”: a fitting backdrop to 19-year-old Mann’s delicate, soothing vocals.

“At the time my boyfriend was in America for a month and I spoke about how I missed him (and how in relationships before, I had never actually missed them when they were away, and it was always a big sign for me),” explains Mann. “I had a few friends at the time who were coming to the end of their relationships, mainly due to long-distance, but it was dragging on because they didn’t know how to let go. I think sometimes it can be quite daunting to imagine yourself single and to lose a part of your life that you’ve just grown accustomed to always being there.”

"As It Is" is out now. Find Matilda Mann on Instagram and catch her live at London’s Courtyard Theatre on 2 December.