"Jealous" is huge right from the start. With bright stabs of organ and sharp drums right up in the mix, there's no messing about from Matilda.

That slightly husky voice honed in folk-pop draws your ear immediately, and when the chorus hits it's a real arms-in-the-air moment. "Jealous" calls to mind Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like A Bird" and Natalie Imbruglia's poppiest moments, and who would have thought those green-eyed monster moments when you see your ex with someone else could be quite as celebratory and joyous as this.

"'Jealous' is not a bitter song, it definitely has a cheeky smile to it," says Matilda. "I’ve had Lorde’s latest album Melodrama on repeat as well as Taylor Swift - so my influences came from all over, which is exactly what I love to hear in songs that I like. I’m lucky enough to write and produce music with one of my best friends, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke ('Ghost', 'Apologize', 'Illusion'), and I feel like we’ve made our own little universe this time around."

Matilda's still finding her way and flitting between styles, but as long as we keep getting songs like this it really doesn't matter that she's keeping us guessing.

"Jealous" is out now.